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I have a powerful, deep, yet classical and authentic voice with a natural MidAtlantic accent. I can easily perform a wide range of inflections and tones ranging from an e...
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We will record your content 1 to 5 minute duration on English language. Also we have some extra offer if you need more. We will record 100 real human voice for you. Why ...
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I am a professional voiceover editor with one year experience and I deliver quality voice audios in English at 20. You will be amazed at what I do.
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am Estydan, a professionally trained and fulltime recording artist and voiceover actress with over 5 years of experience. My work has been featured in childrens movies, ...
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I do all my recordings through a 3000 professionalquality large diaphragm condenser microphone the AKG C414 II.You are paying for an experienced and expressive reader and...
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Heyyyy If youre looking for a relaxed, casual, friendly voiceover, you are at the right placeRecord a professional VoiceOver Female or Male Adult Languages French Engli...
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I will illustrate your Audio Book in whatever style you desire. I have illustrated work for best selling author Skyler Dennis.What you will receiveUp to 150 Pages illustr...
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i am professional voice artist. want to sell it.A voice that fascinates, as if the heart is burning in the fire.
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Are you looking for a professional female voiceover for your projectadvertisements or YouTube videos You are at the right place. In this service, I am offering you textto...
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Are you looking for an additional way to engage and entertain your readers Do you want a professional narration for your audio bookGet a highquality professional sounding...
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