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Are you looking for an additional way to engage and entertain your readers Do you want a professional narration for your audio bookGet a highquality professional sounding...
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My name is Thanh Cong it means Success. I am a native Vietnamese man. I was born and grew up in Hanoi Capital Nothern Vietnam.I MAKE RECORD A NATIVE VIETNAMESE MALE VOICE...
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I will happily record for you a voiceover script in my authentic American accent. I record in a professional studio and work as a full time voice actor. My rate is 5 per ...
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With this service, you will be blown away This service can be used for movies, shows, videos, or anything you really want to use it for. I can also change the mood in my ...
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I will illustrate your Audio Book in whatever style you desire. I have illustrated work for best selling author Skyler Dennis.What you will receiveUp to 150 Pages illustr...
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We will record your content 1 to 5 minute duration on English language. Also we have some extra offer if you need more. We will record 100 real human voice for you. Why ...
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With this gig, We will record a high quality YouTube voiceover of your channel video to match the tone and style of your YouTube video. These gigs are not intended for ad...
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I will record a 100 word Cartoon VOICEOVER for your youtube video, cartoon series, anime series, etc. I will record a voiceover of up to 100 words for whatever project yo...
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I will record a voiceover of up to 110 words for whatever project you need it for.Samples here httpsgofile.iodLtlFb3 and here httpsgofile.iodanEgL6These voice over servic...
1083   1   0   2 Order

I do all my recordings through a 3000 professionalquality large diaphragm condenser microphone the AKG C414 II.You are paying for an experienced and expressive reader and...
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