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I will transcribe your Danish audiovideo files into editable Danish text.Delivery within 1 day.Fixed price 15 USD.AudioVideo length less than 10 minutes. For custom orde...
359   0   0   0 Order

My services include Transcribing Lectures Transcribing Interviews Transcribing YouTube videos Transcribing Meetings and Conferences Transcribing Webinars I will also ensu...
350   0   0   0 Order

I will do a thousand words translation from English into Yoruba for just 20 bucks.The English can be text, audio or visual but not more than a thousand words for 20 USD.I...
1505   1   0   1 Order

If youve got lots of English interviews to transcribe or need to have a dictation, a lecture, a recorded call or a presentation turned into text, its worth contacting a p...
4519   0   0   1 Order

Allow me to produce SEOoptimized and interesting podcast show notes that will not only persuade your casual listeners to tune in but also attract new listeners to reinfor...
50   0   0   0 Order

Hi Thanks for visiting me. Looking for someone to transcribe your large or small English files Great Permit me to turn those files into accurately typed text for you.When...
428   0   0   0 Order

I will transcribe your Swedish audiovideo files into editable Swedish text. Delivery within 1 day.Fixed price 15 USD.AudioVideo length less than 10 minutes. For custom o...
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Need accurate and appropriate transcriptions Dont look any further.I have done many transcriptions before. I love what I do and I know I do it well. I find it a pleasure ...
379   0   0   0 Order

Are you looking for a Transcription service that includes Closed CaptioningCCSubtitling service too Then you are in the right place. I can create subtitles for any of you...
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Hi I am honored that you are reading this.Welcome to my Transcription GigAre you looking for someone who is reliable to transcribe your short or long audio or videos into...
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